About Kikaku America International

The Kikaku Unique Network includes strong relationships with third party payors and providers, and these relationships allow Kikaku to produce publications that have been highly valued by these audiences. A partial list of our publications follows. Our strong public relations program leads to hundreds of unsolicited requests monthly for each of the survey reports and newsletters we publish.

  • Medication Therapy Management (sponsored by Wyeth Pharmaceuticals)
  • The Biologics Trend Report Sponsored by UCB
  • NETsendex program involves analyzing the web sites of its pharmaceutical clients (Dariusz - The link takes you to the NETsendex page on the web site please)
  • The Sanofi-Aventis Senior Care Digest Interdisciplinary Report: A Survey of Long-Term-Care Health Professionals
  • The Maruho Derma Report (newsletter)
  • Pharmacy Benefits: A Comprehensive Look at What the Future Holds (sponsored by Wyeth Pharmaceuticals)
  • The Genentech Oncology Trend Report: Perspectives from Managed Care, Specialty Pharmacy Providers, Oncologists, and Practice Managers
  • The Multiple Sclerosis Trend Report: Perspectives from Managed Care, Providers, and Patients (supported by Teva Neuroscience & the National Multiple Sclerosis Society)
  • Wyeth Trend Report Series: Medicare Insights, Vol. I
  • The UCB Parkinson’s Report for Managed Care, Neurology, and Senior Care Decision-Makers (newsletter)
  • The Prescription Drug Benefit Cost and Plan Design Survey Report Provided by Takeda
  • 2007 Trends in COPD Management: The View from Managed Care, Providers, and Employers
  • The Ferring Managed Care Trend Report for Osteoarthritis First Edition 2007
  • The Ferring Managed Care Trend Report on Infertility First Edition 2006-2007
  • Chronic Pain Care Trends: Perspectives from Managed Care, Providers and Employers
  • The Novartis Senior Care Source: An Interdisciplinary Survey of Long-Term-Care Health Professionals
  • Pfizer Health Strategy Report (newsletter)
  • The Wyeth Senior Care Trend Report
  • The Abbott HIPPA & Privacy Readiness Monitor (newsletter
  • Patient Satisfaction Survey of Prescription Drug Benefits Programs Administered by Pharmacy Benefits Managers & Specialty Pharmacies (sponsored by Astellas, Schwarz Pharma, Berlex and Wyeth)

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